Mano pamėgtas Scott Adams gina Gwyneth Paltrow ir pateikia štai tokią smagią purvinos žiniasklaidos formulę:

Let's start with some background that you need to understand about the writing industry. It's a hard field to break into. Newspapers are struggling. Magazines are shrinking. Publishers would rather sell a poorly written book from a well-known author than a masterpiece from someone new. The Internet is so vast that it's hard to get noticed. What's an ambitious writer to do?

If you're both ambitious and unscrupulous, there's a simple formula for getting attention. It goes like this:

1. Pick a hot social theme that's on everyone's mind.
2. Find a celebrity to tie to the theme.
3. Take the celebrity's words out of context to link him/her to the larger theme.
4. Write some celebrity career-snuff-porn disguised as social commentary.
5. Offer your piece for free to The Huffington Post or other blogger-friendly sites.
6. Use the exposure to puff up your credentials.

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